• Shopping Notes: Summer Shorts

    If you’re anything like me, you find shorts a little tricky to navigate and so generally choose to avoid them all-together. Despite being a bit of a necessity during the summer months, I never really invested the time into finding a few really nice styles that suited me, always having a bit of a nightmare with cuts being too high or the waist : bum measurement ratio being totally wrong!

    But this year is different – I found a flattering pair of shorts! And not just one, a few! No, not the same pair in different colours either – I’ve built up a little selection and I’m loving styling them up, even just around the house.

    Take a look at my edit below to see how I’ve been wearing them – you can shop directly from this post at the end, where you’ll also find some extra styles I’ve got my eye on!


    Topshop Balloon Roll Hem Shorts

    These are my absolute staple style that I’m living in at the moment – they’re so easy to throw on anything, whether you’re having a casual day around the house or dressing up a little more to head out.


    I don’t think you can go wrong with a good pair of tailored shorts, maybe avoid the white ones if you’re prone to coffee and wine spills in which case maybe avoid them! I love the detail in the cut of this pair below from 4th & Reckless.

    4th & Reckless Lexi Shorts


    Oh Polly Cycle Shorts

    I swear this was a trend everyone said they’d never try and one by one they’ve all succumbed to the cycle short. I was exactly the same, but now I see how versatile they are, they’re a firm favourite! Chuck them on with an oversized tee and trainers, wear with a pretty top and heels, or use them for pure lounging – they work for everything!

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