• Lecce, Puglia

    Lecce is known by many as the Florence of the south. Now, this probably set my expectations a little high because Florence has a very special place in my heart and is easily my favourite city to pay a visit. I can see why Lecce may have been given that title (its a nice city with some similarities and it was a good base for us) but it doesn’t come close to competing with Florence for me.

    Nevertheless we enjoyed seeing what Lecce had to offer, taking in the view from our cute little terrace and sampling more of Puglia.

    Bright blue skies all day long were very much appreciated…

    I loved the the style of the interiors at Lu Leccio, where we were staying and there was a great little cafe just across the road where we’d get our morning cappuccino from to sip on the terrace.

    It definitely felt like Lecce came alive at night – the buildings are well and truly put in the spotlight against the night sky and the streets are flooded with people searching out the best aperitif and pizza in town!

    We found this great little restaurant for dinner one night…

    As well as bar Quanto Basta (which apparently serves the best Old Fashioned in Lecce!) I went for their Volante A Destra cocktail… delicious!

    Our days were spent exploring the surrounding area. Again, with so much to see we had to be strict with ourselves so we opted for a couple of key spots. First up Gallipoli!

    Abercrombie & Fitch dress
    Havaiana’s | Hat

    Old Town Gallipoli is a maze of little streets perched high above the surrounding water. Park up in the main town, wander over the bridge and get lost for a few hours (be sure to try some fresh seafood and the many seafood restaurants!

    Time to cool off..!

    We spent another of our days soaking up the sun at sea. Hiring a boat near Porto Cesareo, packing up a picnic and some beers and setting off along the coast…

    Pretty Little Thing bikini

    I barely moved from this spot…

    And it was all fun and games until we had a small issue with the motor on the boat! I won’t go into it now but lets just say this is the first sunset I didn’t enjoy…

    A few hours later, we were saved! The relief was unreal!

    After all that excitement we decided the following day should be the most relaxing day possible, so headed to Togo Bay Beach Club to lounge in the sun and enjoy being back on the beach!

    This place reminded me a little of Sundays Beach Club in Bali. Safe to say, I was happy!

    We settled into our loungers, right in front of the water and recuperated from the previous days events! Rolling into the sea now and then to cool off (the water was beautiful) or popping up to the cafĂ© to top up the Aperol…

    Ode & Rae bikini (my favourite!)

    A day well spent.

    I’d highly recommend Togo Bay Beach Club – of all the beaches we visited this place had the best vibe and was well worth spending a little more money here compared to many of the other beaches.

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