• Spring accessories with Daisy Jewellery

    Jewellery. For me, it’s all about the dainty gold pieces – simple and beautiful on their own, statement making when layered up.

    I think it’s essential to finishing off a look. I feel so naked if I’m without my layered gold chains and stacked rings – my outfit feels incomplete and lifeless! Because I wear so many pieces on a daily basis, I have been trying to build up my collection so that I’ve got some different options to mix and match and create new looks with. It’s been challenging though, I’m so picky with the details and really wanted to invest in the right, good quality pieces that would last.

    And then I found Daisy London and all my jewellery dreams came true! Their aim is to create jewellery that can be gifted, worn and loved every day, as a way of life and I think that’s exactly what they’ve achieved. They’ve got such a beautiful, effortless collection. Every piece complements another and I particularly like the ones that were created in collaboration with Estée Lalonde. Her designs have that vintage vibe to them but feel completely fresh and relevant to wear now. The Flat Snake Chain Bracelet and Chunky Stacking Ring are perfect and I’m completely obessesd with them – I haven’t taken them off since I got them!

    Here’s the few pieces I picked out to get started, I have a feeling I’ll be adding a whole lot more very shortly…

    Here are the individual links if you want to check out any of the pieces pictured:

    Rose Quartz Healing Stone Necklace

    Aphrodite Gold Necklace

    Estée Lalonde Flat Snake Chain Bracelet

    Estée Lalonde Chunky Stacking Ring

    Stacked Essential Ring

    I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which piece is your favourite and what you’ve got on your wish list in the comments below!



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