• City Guide: New York pt.2

    Having had a pretty full on couple of days it was nice to slow down a little and take some time to explore Central Park. We headed out for breakfast at a local diner and picked up a coffee to walk down 5th Avenue, stopping here and there to look in shops – with clear sunny skies, it couldn’t have been more perfect weather to wander around the city and park. We entered the corner of the park from 5th Avenue, where you’ll find a perfectly elevated spot to capture some photos of the skyline. To be honest, I could have sat there for hours people watching and enjoying the scenery but there were a few things we wanted to see and it’s not a small park! Here’s what we did…

    First up was Gapstow Bridge, not too far from where we entered the park and another great spot for pictures of the skyline jutting out above the leafy trees in the park. Following the path deeper into the park, we joined The Mall and Literary Walk, a beautiful walkway lined with trees and benches – you’ll probably recognise it from lots of movies. Following Literary Walk brings you out at Bethesda Terrace and the famous Bethesda Fountain, another spot for a few famous movie scenes including one in Friends with Benefits.

    We then followed the lake around to The Loeb Boathouse and on the advice of a very good friend, settled in here to enjoy some pre-birthday bubbles! The Boathouse is a beautiful setting, with floor to ceiling windows framing the park / city view. I quickly realise we were in a scene from one of my all time favourite films, When Harry met Sally! Not wanting to waste the incredible weather, we took our drinks outside and basked in the sun for a little longer, before moving off to our next stop.

    Crossing over Bow Bridge (ANOTHER picture spot!) we made our way to Strawberry Fields, the home of the famous tile mosaic honouring John Lennon. It’s a bit of a tourist trap round here, but we found ourselves a bench and sat for ages listening to a busker playing various John Lennon songs.

    By this point we were pretty hungry so we headed out of the park near the American Museum of Natural History and into the nearest Shake Shack to refuel. I’m a big Shake Shack fan, if you haven’t tried it, you need to!

    That evening, we decided to take in the city views from above and watch the sunset at a nearby rooftop bar. As the sun goes down, all the skyscrapers begin to light up and you see the city in a completely different way.

    This has become a longer post than I intended (again!), but I absolutely loved Central Park, I had the best day there, so I didn’t want to leave anything out. I’d definitely recommend taking a day to explore it if you can, it’s really worth it.

    My next NYC post will be the final one, promise!



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