• Welcome 2017 | Jot it Down

    Its a new year and for many that means turning over a leaf, a fresh start and some all important resolutions!

    Last year I treated myself to one of Jot it Downs ┬ábeautiful diaries and totally fell for its unique design, planning templates and inspirational quotes. So I didn’t hesitate to order a replacement this year and happily, it arrived on New Years Eve.. just in time! Is it just me who gets super excited to get a fresh new diary for the New Year?

    I love the pieces from Jot it Down; they’ve managed to incorporate seriously practical stationary with beautifully styled looks. It’s everything you need to manage your schedule, lists and keep those resolutions safe!

    “and suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust in the magic of new beginnnings.”

    What are you guys filling your diaries up with for the New Year? Hope you have a good one!

    Hannah Xx