• Beauty: 7 Deadly Makeup Sins (Tag)

    Makeup Sins_1

    Thank you (I think) to the lovely Jess from Honestly Ombre for tagging me to share my 7 deadly makeup sins! To kick it off, here is a shameless selfie of my general makeup look.

    I’m a bit of a makeup nerd so I like to think my sins are fairly minimal these days but thats not to say I haven’t clocked up my fair share before finding my own little makeup groove. So here are my makeup and beauty crimes…


    1. Flickin’ eyeliner!

    Something a little less polite than this silently runs through my mind as I’m drawing my eyeliner flicks. Most days. Why can I not effortlessly sweep my gel liner into the most precisely perfect cateye? Because I’m more than likely not using a clean brush… I know that’s the reason and yet my struggle continues…


    1. Let there be light

    Seriously, natural light is everything! Trying to do your makeup in a dimly lit bathroom or those horrible yellowy hotel rooms only to get outside and realise you have patches of concealer and not-quite-blended bronze slabs where you wanted some cheekbones to be.


    1. Parched products

    They say to store your cream eyeshadows and gel liners upside down to avoid them drying out. Mine seem to like to be the right way up.


    1. Suits you

    But not me. And yet I still buy it. Because it looked so good on you! With your blonde hair and porcelain skin. Square peg, round hole.


    1. Insta-worthy items

    Kind of similar to the last point and I bet I’m not alone here. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, it makes me happy to bring home those shiny new tubes and boxes. Must be less of a magpie.


    1. Night owl…

    ..I am not. Yes I have absolutely learned the importance of taking your makeup off at the end of the day and having a good skincare routine. However this hasn’t stopped me leaving it until the point where all I can do is crawl into bed as I swish a makeup wipe over my face. I have gotten a lot better, but there is always room for improvement.


    1. Love the skin you’re in

    Ok, so this less about actual makeup, but I do believe that it’s so important to take care of your skin. Having a good skincare routine, finding the right products for you and cleaning those brushes goes a long way towards this but making sure you’re drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and eating well is super important. I definitely notice the difference when I’ve eaten a lot of refined sugar or had a late night. Having great skin makes the process of doing your makeup more enjoyable, you can’t beat that natural glow!

    Makeup Sins_2

    So there you go, now you all know! I tag Rachel to share her 7 deadly makeup sins – as a ‘green’ beauty blogger I’m dubious as to whether she will have any and will likely put me to shame!

    Hannah x