• Winter Lips

    Lipstick has never really been my thing. Even for a night out, a bit of concealer and lip balm is my go to look. I’ve always wanted to be a bit more outgoing with my choice of lip colour, so this winter I decided it was time to be a bit more daring… (just a bit!)

    I picked up a couple of lipsticks from Topshop; one is a lovely nude colour (I was mainly convinced I needed this because of the beautiful packaging) and the second is a rich plum, which I immediately fell in love with…

    Topshop Lips

    First up, Wine Gum.

    Wine Gum

    I have to admit, I was slightly dubious about how good it would be but this was short lived! I LOVE this lip bullet! The colour is lovely and you can build up layers really easily, so you can opt for just a hint of colour or a really strong, bold lip.


    It also feels great when applied – it’s really moisturising and most importantly, it stays put!

    I tried it out with a simple feline flick of eyeliner and nude shadow, as I thought it would be best to let the lips do the talking! I already can’t wait to wear Wine Gum again!

    My second choice was Nevada, which was my back up safe option.. It’s a pinky peach colour and will go with just about anything.

    I would wear this colour any time, for a paired back day look or for a smokier look at night.

    Nude lips

    The lipstick itself is quite a thick, dry consistency, so I needed to put a good layer of lip balm on first to avoid it caking. I found I also needed to blend it a bit with my finger to even it out but once I’d played around with it a bit I was happy with the results.

    All in all, my opinion of Topshop lipsticks has completely changed! I like both of these colours and think the quality is alright! Finally… can we just take another minute to admire that rose gold packaging?!

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